Monday, 7 October 2013


Welcome to Jayne's Corner - my own special place where I discuss my favourite books and authors! this week I am going to talk about one of my favourite writers Dorothy Dunnett 

As a great lover of historical fiction since my teens I have always been on the lookout for new authors  and about ten years ago I discovered an author who I believe is the best Historical writer of fiction I have ever read. Her name is Dorothy Dunnett and she is Scottish. She wrote two fabulous historical fiction series and a great stand alone book .Her writing is wonderful and her artistic talent shows,  as you can see, from her superb descriptions in the book and she was a great artist as well. Her historical knowledge was immense and her research flawless. She travelled to the majority of countries she wrote about, if safe to do.

She has a lot of fans and has a society named after her, with its headquarters in her beloved Edinburgh where her 2 series are based. Both her heroes in the Lymond  and House of Niccolo series are flawed, interesting, captivating men and all who read the books fall in love with them. Her hero in her stand alone book, King Hereafter, is Macbeth, a charismatic figure .

Due to these wonderful books I joined Yahoo discussion groups where we talk and dissect her books and have met many new friends from all over  the world and I have travelled to fantastic places such as the wonderful city of Bruges, Edinburgh and have the opportunity to visit others with the groups.

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  1. Wonderful post, Jayne. Thanks to your love of Dunnett's work I have put all her books on my wish list and hope to read them soon.

  2. I highly enjoyed reading your post, Jayne! So far I haven't read Ms. Dunnett's books, but thanks to you I may start :-)