Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A guest post by broadcaster and author Dellani Oakes

I've been asked, a time or two, why I became a Blog Talk Radio host. I fell into it completely by accident. A one of my Facebook author friends, JD Holiday, thought doing a podcast would be a good way to promote ourselves as authors. She pitched the idea to April Robbins, and Red River Radio Network was born. I started as an assistant to April, where I reached my level of incompetence. The tech end wasn't my strong suit. When the chance to be a show host came up, I jumped at it and Dellani's Tea Time was born. It airs the second Monday every month, at 4:00 PM Eastern time.
Tea Time was originally set up to interview authors who wrote for children and young adults. Since it was much more difficult to find these authors, I branched out and now interview all authors on both my shows. My other show is What's Write for me, which airs the fourth Wednesday of the month, also at 4:00 PM. My wonderful assistant, Christina Giguere, joined me shortly after I took on the second show, and we've been doing this now for about eight years. We've met so many amazing and talented authors, and have hardly missed a show in all those years.
From time to time, Christina and I take the opportunity to talk to one another about our work. We're so busy promoting other authors, we don't always promote ourselves. She is also an author, and writes under the name Rachel Rueben. She has one published YA novel, Hag, available at Amazon and other fine retailers. I have to make her talk about herself, which is never a problem for me. I tend to forget how many books I have published (12), and have to have a list to keep track. I recently reissued my historical romance, and have another romance coming out November 1 from Tirgearr Publishing.
So Much It Hurts was my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel. Even as I wrote it, the story touched my heart. The characters leaped off the page and became so real to me, I felt as if I knew them. I could hear their voices in my head, see their faces and found myself completely immersed in their struggle. Though it has a somewhat serious title, So Much It Hurts is lighthearted and warm. Unlike some of my books, there's no evil genius trying to kill them. It's everyday people with common problems. Through it all, they find love and work to keep it.
I thought the readers, might enjoy a short excerpt. This scene takes place early in the story. Pia has the opportunity to live in an old, grand hotel. On her way inside, she trips and is rescued by Flynn Chancellor. He asks her to dinner, and his roommate, Yancy, tags along. The young men live just down the hall from Pia, and come by her apartment to pick her up, before boarding the ancient elevator.

“We decided Thai?” Yancy asked as they rode downstairs.
“If that appeals,” Flynn replied. “There’s also Italian, Mexican, or a Mongolian grill.”
“That’s a fun place,” Yancy replied. “The guy has a big steel drum on his food truck and goes all over the city. He’s not there tonight, dude. That’s Thursday.”
“You are correct. Pia, what sounds good?”
“I’m actually in the mood for Thai,” she said with a grin. “I’m real picky about Mexican. I’m half.”
“Do you cook?” Yancy asked.
“I do. Why?” Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.
“Because we get tired of eating out. If we pitch in on ingredients and assist in the kitchen, will you cook?”
“I’d love to.”
“Sweet. You don’t mind cooking for a crowd, do you? Because when word gets out…”
“Not at all. Dad runs a restaurant back home. I’ve worked there since I was ten. I can make a vat of chili that will put hair on your chest.”
“As long as it doesn’t put hair on my ass,” Flynn said, shoving the elevator open. “I don’t like waxing.”
Pia snorted. Yancy leaned over, speaking in a stage whisper. “Flynn hasn’t reached puberty yet. His ass is hairless as a baby’s butt.”
Flynn reached around and rapped him on top of the head. “At least I don’t have back hair.”
“I don’t have back hair.”
“Seriously, you should see him at the full moon,” Flynn remarked as they walked out the front door. “Werewolves howl and try to hump his leg.”
Pia looped her arms through theirs, laughing loudly as they crossed the yard. “I’m going to love it here. You guys remind me of my brothers.”
The men smirked, sharing a glance over her head.
“Thai Garden, here we come!” Flynn yelled, waving his cap in the air....

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

So Much It Hurts is available for pre-orders at the introductory price of only .99 cents/ .99 p in both the US and UK. It's best to go through the Tirgearr Publishing site, which has links to your favorite book sellers. While you're there, check out my other books. I have four other books published with Tirgearr. (Yes, I had to go count.) So Much It Hurts will be available for sale as of November 1, 2017, but the sale price won't last! Get yours now and take advantage of the low, introductory price.

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