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As an avid reader of Regency Romance I was pleased to be asked to read and review Widow’s Redeemer by Philippa Jane  Keyworth

The book opens with the heroine, Letty Burton, at home in the country where her husband John is seriously ill. On becoming a widow, she finds herself in desperate circumstances; John has mismanaged their finances and she has to sell her home. She then moves in with her brother in law David and his wife Theodora, a giddy seventeen year old, whose husband is also dying. Letty finds that she has to take over as Theodora is unable to cope when David dies. 

Later, the ladies' mother-in-law, Clarissa, comes to stay and offers to take them under her wing, but Theodora has to go back to live with her parents. Letty realises that Clarissa is lonely and agrees to stay with her. She forms a friendship with an old friend of her husband's, Edward Deverell, who comes to visit and when Clarissa comes up with the idea of moving to London to find Letty a new husband, one that will win Clarissa back her standing in the community, Deverell accompanies them there. 

An earlier chance encounter with the rude Viscount Beaumont leads Letty to dislike the man immensely and when he turns out to be a friend of Deverell's his appearance at social events causes problems between him and Letty, for the dislike is mutual. As it happens, Beaumont is recovering from a disastrous affair which has put him off women. However, things begin to change between he and Letty and they begin to form a mutual attraction; but will Letty's pride and Beaumont's arrogance spoil their chances of true love? As we know in Regency romances, the course of true love never runs smoothly. 

I have read many Regency romance books and this one compares favourably with the others. Letty is a character that I could empathise with and I admired her strength which comes over very well in the book. At first I did not like Viscount Beaumont because of his arrogance but he redeems himself in the last bit of the book. I found their story very engrossing and I was unable to put the book down. 

For authors of this genre, a great deal of knowledge is needed and the author has presented her understanding of the way the Ton (The Aristocracy) and how it worked in London in the early 1800s, very well. I found the purely platonic relationship between Letty and Deverell very interesting as this rarely happens in many novels and the way the relationship worked in the story was excellently written. The author's clever  use of secondary characters made for an even more engaging read; for example she uses letters from Letty to her friend Sophie to convey the story of Letty's feelings about the Viscount. 

The author's writing style was engaging and it flowed very well with no inconsistencies,  making it easy to immerse myself in. The characters were well rounded and developed and I liked the way they all had a decent part to play in the story. This is the first novel I have read of Philippa Keyworth's and I will certainly look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

Philippa Keyworth, known to her friends as Pip, has been writing since she was twelve in every notebook she could find. Originally trained as a horse-riding instructor, Philippa went on to become a copywriter before beginning a degree in history. She has always written stories and believes that as one of her loves and passions, she always will.

She has a Facebook page and a website.

Widow’s Redeemer is available in paperback and Kindle. 

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  1. Wonderful review. Sounds like a fun read.

  2. A great review of a book that is sure to find its way onto my TBR list.

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    A very interesting review. Definitely a book I would consider borrowing from the library...it seems like an enjoyable read.

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  5. Looks like a great book, and we know that Jayne has great taste in books please enter me for a chance to win this book


  6. Sounds like an interesting read with very engaging characters and good story line. Beatrice Aird 10-March-2014