Sunday, 27 November 2016

Diana Talks to John Jackson

Hi John, thanks for talking to me today. I am sure that you are tired of being asked the usual questions that would be interviewers ask authors, so hopefully this interview is an interview with a difference and I have come up with some unusual questions!

If your latest book was adapted into a TV show or a film, who would you like to play the lead role?
The latest (still to be published) book will be A Heart of Stone.
The Hero? (Arthur):       Jamie Bell
The Heroine? (Mary):    Emma Watson
The Villain? (Robert):    Hugh Lawrie

If, as a one off, (and you could guarantee publication!)  you could write anything you wanted, is there another genre you would love to work with and do you already have a budding plot line in mind?
Crime! (nothing specific plot-wise in mind yet)
Do you have any rituals and routines when writing? Your favourite cup for example or ‘that’ piece of music...??
I always write at my table and in my favourite chair. The only routine as such is to clear all the other tasks out of the way first to give myself a clear couple of hours.

What is the worse book you have ever read? What made it unreadable for you?

I am not saying!

Other than writing full time, what would be your dream job?
I've done my dream job! I was a ship's officer and captain in the last few years of the era where going to sea was still an exciting and romantic career.

Coffee or tea? Red or white?
Tea and Red

If you had free choice over the font your book is printed in, what font/fonts would you choose?
Garamond 12pt.

Imagine that you could get hold of any original source document. What would it be?
The court documents relating to the case of Crim Com between Robert and Arthur Rochfort.

Historical fiction authors have to contend with real characters invading our stories. Are there any ‘real’ characters you have been tempted to prematurely kill off or ignore because you just don’t like them or they spoil the plot?
None so far.

Are you prepared to go away from the known facts for the sake of the story and if so how do you get around this?
Yes – that's why it's called Fiction, but it has to be done with care, and for a deliberate reason.

Do you find that the lines between fact and fiction sometimes become blurred?
Oh yes! We NEVER know exactly what or how, or even why "someone said something" We weren’t there, and history is written by the winner.

Have you ever totally hated or fallen in love with one of your characters?
I think you have to, to get the best out of them. Just don't be indifferent to them.

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure?
Historical and contemporary fiction, especially books by my friends (all genres) because I can see them in their works.

What drink would you recommend drinking whilst reading your latest book?
Red wine – especially a Malbec from Cahors!

Last but not least... favourite historical author?
Georgette Heyer. Boring but true!

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