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Emma Reviews: Green

Green by Kristin Anderson
Review by Emma Powell

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This tale of boy meets girl most definitely adds a fresh and thoroughly modern stance on the romance genre. I always pondered if there would be any struggles to write a contemporary romance mainly due to having the ability to keep readers held, keep them turning the pages, despite using a genre that’s been around for aeons. I’m pleased to report this book does both.

The book starts with the female lead, Ellie, embarking on the rocky path of online dating - and failing.  It is written with my favourite take on life - humour. It is also laying the foundations of the kind of character Ellie is: genuine and honest but more than capable of looking after herself. Her character is set in a successful lifestyle but that of someone who has fought her way from a poor childhood so her tough but sensitive personality flows well within the story. It’s a good start for a fab read - fresh, funny and believable.

The male lead, Jake, is attractive due to his understanding of the environment and those around him.  He is someone whose beliefs are so strong, he is actually making a difference - working to make the world a better place. Any physical descriptions aren't til much later on and the author cleverly uses the man he is, as opposed to what he looks like, to make him likable and interesting.

It is pleasing to read that despite their initial meeting, Jake and Ellie do not fall into each other’s arms.  When they do, it is not plain sailing and at one point, the reader is actually wondering if they are going to end up as a couple. Ellie is happy to make some changes to her carbon footprint but is way too independent to completely change for another person. Clashes ensue but the reader can sympathise with Ellie because she is trying hard. Jake is understanding but stands by his principles which the reader cannot argue with: his need to make a difference, including helping underprivileged kids.  However, don’t think he’s a saint, far from it.

Whilst not a nasty character, Jake can be stubborn in his beliefs to the detriment of those around him. I got a whiff of ignorance on occasion, not in a deliberate way but sometimes he needs to exercise some empathy with Ellie! When he realises this, the reader can’t help but find him so likeable. This all makes him a very interesting character and adds depth to the story, including his realisation he has to make changes, too.

The author has cleverly taken two strong, independent characters, seemingly happy in their way of life.  Meeting each other makes them question their own ways of living, what they have, what they want.  It’s a story that takes the reader down a road of modern adventure and discovery with both characters needing to change. The story unfolds showing changes a person makes to be with another whilst maintaining their own identity - not easy to do and definitely not easy to write, no matter the genre.  Setting this story against the backdrop of very real environmental concerns is what appealed to me - as I’m sure it will others - and what makes the story genuine, thoughtful and empathic. The author obviously has first-hand knowledge of these concerns and this flows from the words on the page. Along with a good supportive cast of supporting characters that do not get in the way of Jake and Ellie, Green is a solid and enjoyable read.

It also makes you realise you can make changes for the better without losing sight of who you are. And sometimes we need to think of others, our environment and leaving a better place for future generations.

Green really is of the romantic genre but one that tells a real story, with real concerns, struggles and rewards. Appropriately paced, the twists and turns flow well and makes sure environmental concerns play a pivotal role; the whole book has a well-earned place in contemporary fiction.

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Kristin Anderson has a professional background that makes her more than qualified to write on Green's subject matter. To find out more, see her website or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Of her writing process with Green, Anderson says…

I picked up a manuscript I had started in 2010 and started breathing new life into it. After revising my first draft, I sent it off to a half-dozen friends in California, New York and the Netherlands. Two drafts and two years later, I have transformed my novel into an engaging reading experience I am proud to share with the world. Green, which was released in November of 2013, is available on Amazon and Amazon UK


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