Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Welcome to our new initiative for The Review. We have decided to launch our Book of the Month series now because we think it's about time that great books that we love by fabulously talented authors were recognised by us, and so our aim is to choose a book that one of us has read, on a monthly basis. There will be no submissions to this as it is purely us, The Review Team, who will choose them from books we have read, either recently or some time ago, but they have to be independently published by an independent author. 

So what does it all mean then, to receive this accolade? Well it's simple really; the reasons why we are choosing these books are because they are works of excellence that make them shine above others. Every one of us will have our own tastes and ideas about what makes a good book; these are some of the aspects that would get my vote:

  • Books have to be well written and have a unique and interesting writing style.
  • Great characterisation with lots of depth to them. 
  • Plot development (I hate books that lack plots) and a good book for me leaves me not wanting to put it down. 
  • Good research and authenticity.
  • I also love to be taken on a great roller coaster ride of emotion and I want to imagine myself there, and there are not many authors that have this talent of taking me into their world through a portal.
So in the month of January I have been lucky enough to go first, and my choice for the Book of the Month award goes to the wonderful The Jacobites' Apprentice by the very talented Mr. David Ebsworth (aka Dave McCall).

David Ebsworth’s d├ębut novel is set in England during 1744-45. The whole country is threatened once again by civil war as the exiled Stuarts attempt to recover their lost throne. Their Manchester supporters will use any means to raise support and finance for the Jacobite cause. But those loyal to the current monarchy are equally determined to stop them.

As the opposing forces gather and the threat of civil war becomes a reality, the fates of both sides will lie in the hands of one man – Aran Owen – who must choose between loyalty to the family who have raised him and his burning ambition to become a renowned artist.

The finale will be played out on the ramparts of Carlisle Castle in the winter of 1745. Hopes of a Stuart restoration are dashed – and Aran finally discovers who are the Rogues and who the Righteous within the complex web of his relationships.

David Ebsworth is the pen name of writer Dave McCall, a former negotiator and Regional Secretary for Britain's Transport & General Workers’ Union. He was born in Liverpool (UK) but has lived for the past thirty years in Wrexham, North Wales with his wife Ann. Since their retirement in 2008, the couple have spent about six months of each year in southern Spain. Dave began to write seriously in the following year, 2009. 

Other books by David Ebsworth:

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Be sure to check out my review for The Jacobites' Apprentice tomorrow!!!!


  1. Congratulations Dave. I love the period and shall absolutely be reading this one. I remember your fabulous short story for the HNS conf 12. And look where you are now. Thank you Paula for setting all this up. Simply wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the congratulations. To be honest, I feel a bit overwhelmed. And I've been neglecting "Jacobites" while getting on with writing more novels. But it got a real boost in September when the Historical Novel Society selected it as a Finalist in their new Indie Author Award. It's quite a "gritty" story, I think, but lots of period detail and it was wonderful to research.