Monday, 26 May 2014

The Dry Lands - a Hutch & A'ris Novel

The Dry Lands by Trish Marie Dawson

Trish Marie Dawson once again demonstrates her ability to take a genre and make it her own. Having discovered her work with the Find Me series of post-pandemic shattered Earth fiction I moved on to her  young adult-flavoured Station series with equal relish. However when I learned she was turning her hand towards what I would normally describe as science fiction I wondered whether this would prove to be a step too far.

Needless to say my fears were groundless.

The Dry Lands is a fantastic page turner of a read which sinks its hooks in from the start and keeps up a breathless pace as we join Hutch and A'ris across the blasted, sun beaten land of Ernoth as a runaway princess with a dreadful burden struggles against the elements, ruthless assassins, an overly talkative parrot and her growing feelings for a rough and ready bodyguard to reach 'The Dome'.

Krane Hutch just wants enough money to purchase passage off the planet after being dropped off, quite literally, by his former shipmates for a dalliance with the captain's daughter.

Ms. Dawson expertly blends their frustrations, fears and slowly growing feelings towards each other against a backdrop of dangerous borderland towns where no'one can be trusted and where the elements are as a deadly as an assassin's bullet.

This is probably her longest book to date weighing in at 115,000 plus words but you wouldn't know it. The drama and excitement never let up for a moment and before you realise it you are approaching the end and wishing it was even longer.

All in all this is a book to fall in love with: great characters, fantastic places, good versus evil and the tantalising glimpse of a possible brighter future for everyone on Ernoth at the climax.

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About the author...
Trish was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She's been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King's The Stand. After over 15 years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, Trish began her first book I Hope You Find Me in December of 2011. When Trish isn't writing, she's homeschooling her amazing daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever she can get her hands on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict vegetarian, Trish holds a special place in her heart for animal rights and dashes into the backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from her mini-lab/cocker spaniel mixed dog, Zoey...who is always getting into some sort of trouble.

For information on all her books visit her website.