Sunday, 10 November 2013

Marsha's Monday: Review of The Bitti Chai by Jane Gray

The Bitti Chai, a B.R.A.G medallion honoree, by Jane Gray is a charming tale about Reigneth Gray, a sweet, beautiful girl of fifteen living in modern day Lincolnshire, England. Reigneth is of Romany heritage, a heritage that has handed down a special gift in which she uses for good.

After an unexpected event takes place, Reigneth and her Mother Jessie decide to relocate to Devon to live with Jessie's sister, Liz and her husband. This relocation brings about a great many changes for Jessie and especially Reigneth. They both have a lot of support from their Romany family. Reigneth is extremely close with her cousin James and her cousin Aaron.

Reigneth's special gift, an ability that runs in her family, is shared with her Grandmother Mary. Before passing on, Grandmother Mary has a discussion with Reigneth about her future and of her cousins James and Aaron.
Throughout the book we see Reigneth's innate goodness shine through in all that she does and her interactions with family and friends.

Jane Gray writes authentically of Romany life in modern day England and the mores and customs of the Romany heritage. I enjoyed reading about the Romany culture and learning about their way of life. The character of Reigneth is one that you can't help but like and the supporting cast of characters are well written and equally as likable. To continue to enjoy Reigneth's story and that of her family and friends one can read Jane Gray's second book in the series, The Lost Souls.

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Jane Gray was brought up by her Romany grandfather, the youngest of ten children, the bitti chai (the small girl). Her family initially inspired the writing of The Bitti Chai but most of all Jane wanted to share some aspects of Romany culture with the outside world. To inform about Romanies traditional values, strength of family ties and loyalty utterly contradicting the familiar and incorrect portrayal of this much maligned ethnic minority.

She lives and works in Nottinghamshire and as well as writing, breeds and shows Dartmoor ponies.Her life revolves around her family, her husband, three children, dogs and ponies and countless cousins.She is a member of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society and is a keen family history researcher. 

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